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Ministry in Egypt


Many non-Christians in the Middle East are asking, “What do Christians believe?”. There is no safe place for them to find out. The e-learning programs will provide a platform for anyone who is seeking to receive information and ask questions.


Hope4MENA is developing e-learning programs in Arabic for all who want to understand Christianity, its beliefs, practices and life applications.




The goal is to share God’s love in a practical way with persecuted, marginalized and destitute Christian families.  One of the major ways Christians are persecuted is by destroying their homes and businesses. We offer support by restoring what they’ve lost.  We found that many of these individuals are forced to live without the most basic of human necessities. Many are living without a bathroom, roof or a bed. Hope4MENA seeks and serves neglected families by extending helping hands and offering compassionate assistance. The purpose is to move these families above the poverty line and give them a dignified life and hope for the future.

Working through and in partnership with local churches, Hope4MENA provides these families with:

  • Clean water supply
  • Sewage lines and toilets
  • Concrete ceilings and home repairs
  • Beds, mattresses and blankets
  • Basic home appliances
  • Income generating projects such as: sewing machines, hairdressing materials, supplies for poultry farming or mini-markets







Egypt has the largest Christian population of any country in the Islamic world. About 12 million out of 90 million Egyptians are Christians. Approximately 250,000 Christian children are illiterate, most of whom live in poor, marginalized villages in the south of Egypt. Their circumstances mean that they have no chance for an adequate education due to:

  • Displacement – families were persecuted and forced to leave their homes and villages to live in remote poor areas without access to schools.
  • Extreme poverty – children need to work to help their families and cannot attend school.


The purpose of this program is to help Christian children, who have missed their chance to be educated, take the first steps towards a quality education. Our desire for these children is that they gain not only literacy, but hope for the future through a personal relationship with God.


We focus on:

  • Developing children’s literacy.
  • Integrating games in the children’s education and in Bible verse memorization.
  • Performing an annual medical checkup for children.
  • Holding spiritual and entertaining days for children.
  • Home visits for each child.
  • Running an education awareness seminar for children’s parents.







It is not possible to openly reach out to Muslims in the Arab World. According to a focus group we found that youth spend 80% of their free time listening to music and songs. That’s why we chose to share biblical principles build on God’s word through songs. During the Easter & Christmas seasons we broadcast songs and programs with a direct evangelistic message.

In partnership with other organizations we reach youth through social media platforms, a streaming website as well as a mobile app. On our Facebook page and our website we have established a very strong follow-up system. A team of 17 staff members answers questions posted in response to our programs by young people.


Channels of communication:

  • Sound cloud
  • Facebook page
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Website
  • Mobile App




The goal is to empower local churches through leadership development. We focus on serving those who are not served in the poor and underprivileged areas of Egypt, North & South of Sudan.  We are striving to help in developing a generation that is spiritually, socially and practically competent to serve their local churches.

In this Leadership training program we work to support the church in three aspects:

  • Train young and emerging leaders
  • Equip church leaders, pastors & priests
  • Distribute Bibles, Study Bibles & Christian books