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Christian Disciples and Leaders

Purpose: To work alongside local churches in raising a generation of healthy youth, and equipping pastors and church leaders with the necessary training and support, with the aim of enhancing the strength and effectiveness of the Body of Christ.

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Song and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all the I have commanded you”
(Matthew 28: 19-20)


Seeing the need for solid Biblical teaching for young people in Syria, the Hope4MENA team began an annual summer school for about 30-35 Christian young adults between the ages of 18 and 30. Speakers and staff fly to Syria from Egypt to invest in these young lives.

The goal of the summer school is three-fold: Knowing self, knowing God, and fostering a deeper relationship with God.


Following the atrocities committed by ISIS, many “infants in Christ” needed “pure spiritual milk” (1Peter 2:2). And so our team jumped at the opportunity to serve the Lord through His people, and through a partnership with the AOG Church in Ankawa, Iraq, hold weekly meetings for Kurdish Syrians with special discipleship groups for young Christians.

Marriage and parenting courses are held as well, with a soon to begin theology course to cover fundamental Christian doctrines. Along with meeting their spiritual needs, our team is also able to minister to the most desperate families with their need for food; providing 30-35 families with a package of food every month and a half.


The Hope4MENA team in Egypt aims at supporting the local church by equipping church leaders.

Youth leaders can apply for a two-level Youth Leadership Diploma from Hope4MENA. Launched in 2020 and reaching 170 youth leaders from across the country, level one addresses the leader him/herself, helping them work on the shaping of their character and level two focusses more on practical ministry tips; equipping them with the tools needed for teaching and utilizing their talents in ministry. The Youth Leadership Diploma is offered biannually.

The Youth Leadership Diploma is also offered fully online!


The Hope4MENA team holds a leadership training over a span of three months to approximately 30 church leaders in our center in Juba, South Sudan. During this initiative, which began in 2015, attendees attend a weekly meeting which includes Bible study and a curriculum that teaches the basics of the Christian faith. Following their training, the trained church leaders present the training they received to their local church over a span of three months as well. Our team continues to provide follow-up and support as needed.

Along with the leadership training, the Hope4MENA team arranges for two annual trainings. The first is named “Face to Face” where 30 leaders from Juba, Sudan, and neighboring nations such as Uganda and Congo are invited to take part in a three-month discipleship training on the basics of the Christian faith and are then coached through two months of outreach where they reach out through evangelism to three prominent areas in South Sudan. The second annual training held is named “Researchers” where 30 leaders from Juba, Sudan, and neighboring nations such as Uganda and Congo are invited to take part in a deeper study of the New Testament over the course of three months as well. Speakers are Bible teachers from Sudan and Egypt.

Not only does our team in South Sudan minister to and equip church leaders, but we have multiple efforts to serve pastors as well; from an annual week-long training for about 50 pastors from Juba and other cities, to camps that hold up to 500 pastors at a time! Pastors receive sound Biblical teaching on foundational doctrines, preaching, stewardship, and so much more! Our team also provides them with a variety of Christian books in both English and Arabic, along with Bibles to take back to their churches and form a “library.” Not only does our team invite pastors to come to us, but we go to them. We hold three annual camps in three different locations in South Sudan. Up to 90 pastors are served in three-day long camps. In 2021, the camps were held in Yei, Bor, and Terekeka in South Sudan.

Youth leaders are also trained to use a youth curriculum in our center, which they then take back to the youth in their churches. Meetings are held every three months for 120 young leaders and an annual camp for 300 young leaders. The 2021 camp was entitled, “A Generation That Seeks the Lord.”

Impact Story: During the annual camp for Pastors in 2019, there was a tribal war. It was very challenging to have people from different tribes united in prayer during a tribal war! Also invited were pastors who served in the army. They were amazed at the unity and invited higher ranking officers. In a televised interview, the South Sudan Defense Minister commended the role that the church played in the peacemaking process! What the government failed to do, he said, the church did! Praise the Lord!


Church leaders and pastors in North Sudan are desperate for Biblical and theological training. Bibles are so scarce that many churches and leaders don’t have Bibles! In addition to providing churches with Bibles,

Hope4MENA equips church leaders and pastors through small Bible study groups of 10-12 individuals. We are praying that leaders will rise from these groups to lead other groups and enhance the current destitute state of the North Sudanese church.

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