Hope 4

Purpose: To assist local churches in raising a generation of young people who love the Lord, are well-rooted in their knowledge of Christ, and are effective agents in both church and society, through spiritual events tailored to their needs, discipleship via small groups, as well as equipping youth leaders for the task.

“Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old, he will not depart from it”
(Prov. 22:6)


The Hope4MENA team in Egypt aims at supporting the local church by training young adults.

In partnership with churches from all the major denominations in Egypt (Coptic Orthodox, Protestant, and Catholic), two annual three-month-long Youth Discipleship Schools are held for teenagers and college-aged youth (respectively) from throughout the country, reaching 120 young people. The first level addresses the foundations of the Christian faith and discipleship. The second level is more outreach-focused, with teaching on reaching the unreached and brief practical hands-on outreach experience.

The Youth Discipleship Schools are also offered fully online!


Our team in South Sudan serves teenagers ages 13 to 17 in the center. A “school” of three levels is also held in the center for around 70 teenagers. The main topics covered are Biblical, but emphasis is also placed on topics such as personal hygiene, helping others, and learning how to serve their communities.


Our team in Iraq serves 14 to 22-year-olds youth in a youth meeting in partnership with the AOG church in Ankawa, Erbil. This weekly meeting is followed by small discipleship groups that follow a structured small group curriculum.

One of the groups most heavily impacted by ISIS were the Yazidis. The Lord provided the Hope4MENA team the opportunity of starting a center in a Yazidi village in Duhok, in cooperation with the Free Methodist Church in Duhok. Along with six staff members, this center serves 25 youth ages 15-22 both educationally and spiritually. They are taught English, Arabic, and foundational Christian principles. They are also provided with support through small groups. Boys are also taught practical skills such as fixing mobile phones and giving haircuts and girls are taught to cook, bake, give haircuts, and do makeup. These skills equip young people for potential jobs and increase their chances of self-sufficiency. Our team also visits the families of these youth to ensure them that their children are in safe hands.


Junior and senior high students come to our center in Jaramana, Syria for help with their school studies. A youth meeting is held for college-aged youth.

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