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Hope4MENA In North Sudan
medical ministry in North Sudan is done through local churches,
we receive invitations from many churches in the area.
The church then announces in the village that
a doctor is coming and all those who are sick in the community
go to the church that day.
Some of these churches are more than a 2 hour drive
from where our team lives. It is hard to imagine
where these churches are and the kind of poverty
people live in. These are examples
of some of the churches we serve in:
When Hope4MENA team arrive at the church,
a lot of patients are already waiting.
Together with volunteers from the church
they turnthe place into a clinic with 3 sections:
1.     The Examination Room:
2.     The Pharmacy:

3. The Church Meeting Hall:

Once they arrive in the church, they gather all the patients, pray with them, then they start the medical examination.
After they finish clinic hours, Hope4MENA team conduct a church meeting for the patients and anyone who wants to attend and listen. 
They always have volunteers to help in the medical work and sometimes the pastor of the church joins them in leading the evangelistic meeting afterwards.