To further expand our online ministry, we launched our 80/20 online ministry on social media. This unique ministry, launched in 2018 has over 400,000 followers! From hundreds of evangelistic posts, to over 30 short programs, all the way to nine structured online courses, 80/20 has had an incredible impact over the years!

Our evangelistic posts comprise mostly of 3-4 min videos that address a wide range of psychological and spiritual needs. Our short programs cover topics such as growing as a Christian, time management, handling pain, and much more. Exclusively produced drama is often used to relay key themes as well. As for those who desire a deeper level of learning, we have structured e-learning courses that address 30 different topics in a Christian’s life. More courses are constantly being developed.

Due to the restrictions imposed by COVID, our team creatively replicated an online version of our entire Discipleship and Leadership Training Schools! It has proven to be of great success; so successful that even though COVID restrictions have eased, we will continue providing the online option for greater feasibility and reach. 130 teenagers and college students from throughout the country are reached online annually!

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